The History of Candles in Spiritual and Santeria Works

The burning of candles for spiritual works goes back to ancient times.  Many spiritual workers believe that the flame of the candle pierces the veil between the physical and the Spiritual world and creates a passageway that allows the prayers and petitions to be more readily received by those from whom help is being sought out. 

The use of candles in the Santeria Religon has its roots in the long tradition of Roman Catholic Church candle burning.  The Lucumi religion originated in Nigeria by the Yoruba tribe, was exported to the New World when slavery began.  The slaves were forced to stop the adoration of their gods and deities and embrace the Catholic Saints of their capturers.  Fearing corporal punishment and even death the slaves practiced Christianity against their will.  Soon they began finding similarities between their African deities and the Catholic Saints and thus began the synchronization between their African Religion and Catholicism. This is the practice known today as Santeria.  Same as in the Catholic Religion, candle burning is an essential part of the Santeria tradition.

How to Read a Candle Flame

You can find important messages in the flame.  Here’s some tips for reading the flames of glass encased candles.

Candle is burning evenly and steadily

This is usually a very good sign.  An indication that the spell or blessing will probably work out and that you will likely get your wish.   If you are burning a candle inside a glass, look at the glass.  Is the glass clean with little or no trace of the wax? GOOD!  You have most likely casted a successful spell.

Candle hisses or makes sizzling noises

Listen!  This may be  a spirit, angel or some other worldy being trying to communicate.  Clear your mind so you can receive the message.

Candle flame sparks

Don’t want to worry you but this is interpreted as some disillusion with what you are asking.

Candle flame is unsteady, dipping, rising and flaring constantly

If you are sure that your candle is not sitting by a draft, then this may be a sign that your spell is being met with some resistance by the person to whom it was intended.   This person may be unconciously aware of your actions and may be resisting the spell.



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Burning candles for spiritual work goes back a very long time.  Spiritual workers use candles for wish making, casting spells, adding power to prayers, and veneration of dieties.  While there are many candles that come with labels or screened glass that specify the purpose of their use, many spiritual workers do not wish for others to know their business and use plain glass candles to do their work.  The Different color candles are used as follows:

  • WHITE - Spirituality and spiritual healing, peace, purity, and rest.  In Santeria this is the color of the Oricha Obatala.  The Oricha Elegua also uses a white colored candle.
  • GREEN - It is used for money, luck in gambling, succeeding in business,  finding steady work, and good fortune in general.
  • BLUE - For court case spells, for harmony and peace in the home, to have a joyful home, to promote good intentions.  In Santeria this is the color of the Oricha Yemaya.
  • RED - A powerful color used for passion, love, affection, bodily vigour.  In Santeria this is the color of the Oricha Chango ruler of thunder and lightning.
  • PINK -  Used for attraction (come to me), romance, keeping a good life. 
  • YELLOW - Used for devotional prayer, symbolizes gold and fortune, fast luck, cheerfulness, attraction.  In Santeria this is the color of the Oricha Ochun.
  • ORANGE - Used for fortune telling (Madama), change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams.  In Santeria this is the color of Chango Macho. 
  • BLACK - Used to separate, break up, repulse, thoughts of sorrow and despair,  freedom from evil
  • BROWN- for finding lost things, neutrality
  • PURPLE - mastery, power, ambition, control, command , wealth
  • RED AND BLACK  - remove a love jinxing spell
  • GRAY - A neutral color that serves to remove bad influences, negativity and promotes stability and peace of mind.

Candles  can be dressed and annointed with aromatic oils to enhance their power. 

Spiritual candles are used for Spell Casting, Santeria Rituals, Spiritual Works, Religious Ceremonies, Hoodoo and...
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